St. Louis & Metro East Area Adult Clubs

Up to date information on Metro East St. Louis Gentlemen’s Clubs
Welcome to SmoothTail.Com, This site will feature up-to-date information on St. Louis Area and Metro East Illinois Gentlemen’s Clubs.

Gentlemen’s Bars in St. Louis?
Well not really, although there are a few in towns outside of St. Louis, within St. Louis County, the real action is on the east side in Illinois. This area is commonly referred to as the “Metro East”. Cities such as Centreville, Sauget, Brooklyn, and Washington Park support a variety of topless and full nude bars. As of this update, the focus is on lady dancers, though there is one bar focused on nude men. I’d probably review that one dead last. The reason for the action being on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River is because Missouri wrapped a bit tight. If you go to one of the few bars in St. Louis, understand that pasties and bikinis are the rule. On the Illinois side, the rules fluctuate from topless to butt naked.

Do you have a Gentlemen’s Club in the Metro East?
If you have a gentlemen’s club, nude club, strip clubs, titty bar, whatever, and it isn’t here, please feel free to contact the with your information. If your information changes or is inaccurate, please advise as well. My mission here was to create a space that had accurate, up-to-date information on Metro East St. Louis bars. This site will feature reviews of clubs that will be straight forward and honest. My “woody” will be the judge of how many “woodies” any club gets.