St. Louis Area Adult Clubs Directory

St. Louis and Metro East Illinois Adult Gentlemen’s Clubs
Okay, strip club, adult bars, titty bars, nude bars, whatever you call them, I am listing them here. If your club is not here, send a note with name, address and website (if available) to

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V is for VERIFIED / U is UNVERIFIED Last Update 6-8-2011

Blondies (V)
6113 Forest Blvd Washington Park, IL – Phone: 618-875-9404

Boxers ‘n Briefs (All Male) (U)
55 Four Corners Ln., Centreville, IL – Phone: 618-332-6141

Bottoms Up (V)
307 Jefferson St. Brooklyn, IL – Phone 618-271-7502
Website Not Available

Cheeks (V)
2211 Kingshighway Washington Park, IL 62204 – Phone: 618-874-1111
Website Not Available

C-Mowes (V)
2107 Kingshighway Washington Park, IL – Phone: 618-271-6924
“We don’t need no stinking website…”

Dollies Playhouse (V)
6210 Forest Boulevard East St. Louis, IL – Phone: 618-271-4257
Website Not Available

Hollywood Showclub (V)
5481 Bunkum Rd. Washington Park, IL 618-874-9000

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club (V)
5420 Bunkum Rd East St. Louis, IL – Phone: 618-874-9334
Not On HustlerClubs.Com

Miss Kitty’s (V)
5200 Bunkum R. Washington Park, IL – Phone: 618-875-6477

Pink Slip (V)
114 S. 4th Street Brooklyn, IL 62201 – Phone: 618-271-3151
Website Not Available

The Penthouse Club (V)
1401 Mississippi Ave Sauget, IL – Phone: 618-274-0380

PT’s Brooklyn (V)
213 Madison St. Brooklyn, IL – Phone: 618-274-2582

PT’s Sports (V)
200 Monsanto Ave Sauget, IL – Phone: 618-274-4500

PT’s Centreville (V)
60 Four Corners Lane Centreville, IL – Phone: 618-337-4400

Rhonda’s Place (V)
10528 Page Ave., St. Louis, MO – Phone: 314-423-0633
Website Not Available

Pyramid of Pleasure (U)
247 2. 88th Street Centreville, IL – Phone: 618-332-7733

Roxy’s (V)
210 Madison St. Brooklyn, IL – Phone: 618-274-4491

Thunder Road (U)
52 East St. Louis, IL – Phone: 618-875-0221
Website Not Available

Wise Guys Pleasure Palace (V)
2226 Kingshighway, Washington Park, IL – Phone: 618-874-3474