So you want to know about St. Louis Area Strip Clubs?

One Stop Web Shop For St. Louis Area Adult Websites
Welcome to my new website adventure. I don’t usually check out the adult clubs, but many who come to town ask me as if I do. So welcome to my site where I will list all the area adult strip clubs and give them a “Woody” rating! The idea is to have one place with all the clubs, their addresses and a review done personally by me!

What is a “Woody Rating”?
A “Woody Rating” is a new rating system that rates a club from one to five “Woodys”. This rating will be a three part rating. It will focus on the club atmosphere including cleanliness and comfort, the hotness of the girls (on the night of the review) and how the club treats the patrons. The “Woody” rating is strictly my opinion and may not reflect your experience on the day you choose to visit, but I will endeavor to be honest and open-minded.

Why “SmoothTail”?
This is a domain that I have owned for a while and has needed a mission. Many years ago I loaned it out for a business which branded a product that reflected a smooth, ass end to fender. Well after that entity changed the product name, I have sat on this web domain for 5 years. I have always thought a woman’s buttocks as a “smooth tail” being an ass man and all. I have no interest in hosting or operating a pornography site, but thought this would be a great service that many would find helpful. So I have re-purposed this domain to be a directory of St. Louis, Missouri and Metro East Illinois adult clubs and venues.

There has to be something else…
Well sure, although folks would like to deny it, sex is still one of the largest selling niches on-line. That means traffic and opportunity to explore the power of blogging.

The Future?
Well first I must get the site flushed out with the information. In a few days I will start visiting local area adult strip clubs and share my honest opinion. In the meantime you will find a directory of clubs. In the future, I’d like to do write about the local strippers and showcase where you can meet and watch these hard working ladies. Consider it my contribution to creating a stronger economy!

The Editor!
PS: If you are a club that is not listed here or a dancer that wants to be profiled, contact the webmaster at